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In a complex, dynamic and highly interconnected global marketplace, organisations face increasing pressure for rapid and continuous adaption. At the same time, organisational boundaries are becoming more blurred as talent and capabilities are sourced beyond the traditional confines of the "permanent" employee. Combine this with the ongoing digital disruption of value chains and revenue models and it is clear that upheavals are set to continue — and at an accelerated rate.

To help face these challenges, Mercer has designed a new workshop for HR and OD professionals, based on extensive practical expertise and deep data insights. In just one day, this new workshop equips participants with a sound understanding of the process and application of contemporary OD in the modern workplace.

Future-proof your organisation as disruptions will continue

We have now reached a point where fundamental change is required in organisations; incremental changes will not be enough. Organisations will have to fundamentally re-imagine the way they organise themselves to innovate and source capabilities across their value chain, including customer insights, research and development, marketing and brand management, sales, supply chain management, and corporate support.

To meet the changing needs of the market and stay competitive, contemporary enterprises need to completely rethink their organisation, performance measures, and areas of focus and determine a way to tap into new capabilities in a way that does not interfere with the traditional core of the business. Building and protecting the organisational capabilities required for the future is not easy, as it represents a significant departure from how many organisations have operated in the past.

Designing an agile organisation

As an HR professional, it is critical that you know how to effectively design the structure of your organisation in a way that will best support your business in a fast-changing environment. Mercer's AGILE OD workshop will provide you with practical tools and processes for your organisational context.

Workshop Programme

    The Importance of Good OD
    The Global Marketplace – Context and Challenges
    Step-by-Step Approach - Strategic Design, Operational (Re-)Design, Workforce Transition Planning, and Change
    Emerging OD Practices
    OD Case Study - an End-To-End Learning Experience
    Managing Stakeholder and Change throughout the OD Process
    Getting Started: Practical Tools and Tips for Implementation
    Lessons Learnt: Challenges during Implementation

Benefits to Participants

  • Clear understanding of an end-to-end organisation design / redesign process.
  • Able to articulate and assess design options and their suitability to support strategic business objectives.
  • Clarity about the importance of managing stakeholders throughout the organisation design and change process.
  • Practical tools and approaches that can be immediately applied in their organisational context.

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We are also offering in-house workshops tailored to your organisation specific requirements or if above dates are not suitable for you.

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  • 25% discount available for the second delegate attending from the same organisation.

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