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Workshop 4

Workforce Analytics

Workshop Overview

Making workforce decisions in the dark?

Most organisations struggle with the application of workforce analytics to deliver real insights and ignite action that leads to change. Often the focus is only on descriptive metrics showing historical trends. Although this is valuable, it is often not enough to drive effective interventions and actions.

According to a recent Mercer survey, 77% of participating organisations plan to increase their workforce analytics capability over the next two years while only 31% consider that their current use of analytics in somewhat successful. The biggest roadblocks identified are the lack of integration among data systems, lack of analytics skills within HR and lack of management experience in effectively using analytics data.

This 1-day workshop in London will equip those working with workforce analytics, the more advanced techniques needed to support long-term workforce planning, make data-driven decisions on human capital investments and leverage factors that increase productivity and business success.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the range of techniques that can be used to carry out in-depth analytics
  • Apply a combination of techniques in the context of an organisation's workforce issues
  • Understand the differences between forecasting, cost-models, correlations and predictive analytics and when to use them
  • Explore applications to specific workforce issues such as recruitment, turnover, diversity and business outcomes

Workshop Outline


In this session we discuss the Workforce Measurement Continuum, and the role of descriptive versus predictive analytics. We also provide real life examples of the outputs of predictive analytics.

Key Concepts

In this session we review some of the key techniques that can be used in workforce analytics including segmentation, correlations, linear regression, multivariate and multivariable regressions analysis, logistic regression, structural equation modelling and say/do analysis. We also show a step-by-step approach to the predictive analytics process.


Through a practical case study and series of activities, this session shows how descriptive analytics, projections and qualitative research can be combined to understand diversity, inclusion and recruitment targets.

Spotlight on Big Data and Long Data

This session focuses on Big Data, as well as its application and limitations for workforce analysis. We also discuss the application of Long Data.


Through a practical case study and series of activities, this session shows how each step of the predictive modelling process can be used to understand turnover and retention.

Spotlight on Structured and Unstructured Data

This session discusses the differences between structured and unstructured data and considers the current and future application of unstructured data to explore and understand workforce issues.


Through a practical case study and series of activities this session shows how correlations, profiling and business impact modelling can be used to understand the impact of the workforce on business outcomes.


As you embark on your advanced analytics initiatives, we spend some time reviewing your reflection journal and discussing the resourcing required in order to be successful.

Locations & Registration


London – 26 October 2016

FEE:£750 + VAT

We are also offering in-house workshops tailored to your organisation specific requirements or if above dates are not suitable for you.

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  • 25% discount available for the second delegate attending from the same organisation.
  • 25% discount available off the second or third workshop for one delegate attending more than one workshop.

*Please note only one discount can be applied.

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