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Workshop 3

Workforce Analytics and Productivity Masterclass

Workshop Overview

This new 1 day Masterclass workshop explores how organisations, HR and business leaders can better understand, measure and create solutions to enhance workforce productivity using Mercer’s global insights and our unique productivity framework.


  • Uncover the key drivers of workforce productivity and how they can be tracked and measured.
  • Understand how Mercer’s Workforce Productivity framework can be used as a practical approach to measuring and managing workforce productivity.
  • Understand how business strategy and context feeds intodifferent components of workforce productivity.
  • Review how workforce productivity initiatives can be tailored to meet business specific needs and imperatives.
  • Explore how to establish a workforce productivity measurement framework for your own organisation.

Workshop Outline

Definition of Workforce Productivity and Framework

Here we define 'workforce productivity' in the context of the broader business environment, and examine the universal levers organisations have to influence workforce productivity.

Mercer's Workforce Productivity Drivers Framework

The Productivity Drivers Framework helps identify and frame the organizational-specific aspects of productivity and illustrate the systemic relationship between workforce inputs, processes and business outputs.

Workforce Productivity Transformation Process Part 1

Part 1 of the Transformation process starts with developing a case for change. We will discuss how to understand the relevant business context, objectives and outcomes, and establish a 'baseline' understanding of your organisation's productivity, identify gaps and define targets using the Driver Framework and workforce analytics.

Workforce Productivity Transformation Process Part 2

Part 2 of the Transformation is about designing productivity strategies and managing implementation. This section covers how to define improvement initiatives, introduces concepts on workforce design to support productivity targets, and provides an approach to developing change and implementation plans, and ongoing evaluation.

Considerations for Implementation in Your Organisation

Here we spend time discussing how systems theory helps support the productivity transformation process and how it can be applied in your organisation. You will come out of the masterclass with an action plan and key tips for successful implementation.

Case Study: Scrummy Bites

During the workshop you will have the opportunity to work through the "Scrummy Bites" case study in detail. You will be able to explore the various Workforce Productivity aspects on the basis of the case study from the consumer goods industry in collaboration with fellow participants.

Who will benefit from attending:

  • HR professionals responsible for delivering or providing advice about workforce strategies, performance, planning, metrics or analytics.
  • HR and Organisational Development (OD) professionals seeking to develop their awareness and skills in an increasingly important field.
  • Business, operations and finance professionals involved in strategy, workforce management, resource planning, analytics and/or decision making.

Discount Information

  • 25% discount available for the second delegate attending from the same organisation.
  • 25% discount available off the second or third workshop for one delegate attending more than one workshop.

*Please note only one discount can be applied.

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