Mercer Latin America HR Forum - Miami, May, 2014

Latin America HR Forum 7–9 May, 2014

Smart HR: Driving Performance in the Era of Big Data


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The Impact of Population Aging and Delayed Retirement on Workforce

Longevity is a recurring theme worldwide that will have a big impact on the way companies deal with an aging labor force in Latin America. Retirement will look completely different from what our parents are facing now. The once “pension plans generation” is now changing to a “savings plans generation,” as the defined contributions format challenges and places a significant responsibility on employees and retirees. These plans, which were not designed for transforming savings into an adequate lifetime retirement income, will have to evolve.

Financial education is on the rise as an essential part of the process of providing pension benefits awareness among employees, and as a tool to reduce the employer’s responsibility for the future financial situation of individuals. In this session we will discuss how retirement financial planning is being implemented around the world — with a focus on Latin America — and what the results of this kind of program are for both employers and employees.

Carolina A. Mazza WanderleyPrincipal, Retirement – Brazil, Mercer

Anita M. SchwarzLead Economist, Human Development Department, World Bank - Europe & Central Asia Region

Building the social enterprise

Many companies in our region view social technologies as yet another tool to be implemented rather than as an enabler of organizational transformation. Often, leaders think social technologies can be left to IT or marketing, while others are simply intimidated by possible risks. And many are so focused on the technologies themselves that their ability to empower a dynamic, integrated business- and cultural-change program that drives productivity, innovation, and collaboration in core business processes is largely ignored. In this session, we will share experiences of organizations that have figured out how to use them in ways that could have a large-scale, replicable, and measurable impact at the company culture and HR trends.

Martín Ibañez-FrochamRegional Leader, Talent – Latin America, Mercer

German DyzenchauzCEO & Co-Founder, GoIntegro

How Are Companies Helping Expats to Protect Pension and Health Benefits From Mobility Threats? The Caterpillar and Techint Experiences

Mercer has deeply researched this subject and has implemented global health coverage and pension protection. In this session, our clients will share their valuable experiences, their mistakes, doubts and solutions with us, under different mobility strategies. There are a lot of opportunities for improvement in ongoing policies and action plans, and we would like to help participants to take them.

Ana María WeiszLeader, Retirement – Argentina, Mercer

Laura RoldánLeader, Health and Benefits – Argentina, Mercer Marsh Benefits

Andreas BengtssonCompensation and Benefits Manager, Caterpillar - Latin America

Daniel OlaberriaAdministration & Payroll Director, Techint Group

Mapping Health Care Trends Around the World: From US Health Care Reforms to Benefits Practices in Latin America

In this session we will take a look at how developments in health care around the world —including government health reforms — are prompting many employers to rethink their health benefit strategy and adopt best-in-class practices to remain competitive and up-to-date. From the US to Mexico to Malaysia, employers worldwide have begun to reengineer their platforms and processes to implement defined contribution approaches to health care, providing employees with bigger responsibility around their own health care, and introducing broader choice into their plans.

Tracy WattsSenior Partner, Employee Health & Benefits – Washington, Mercer

Renato CassinelliRegional Leader – Latin America and Caribbean, Mercer Marsh Beneficios

Strategic Workforce Planning: Understanding the Workforce of the Future

Strategic workforce planning is top of mind for HR and senior business leaders across the globe.  Growth and expansion plans, scarcities of critical talent, and inefficient talent pipelines have prompted an increasing number of companies to include workforce planning as part of their core HR service offerings with the goal of driving meaningful results in operations across the entire organization. Mercer has worked with many of these firms to structure, implement, and advise on what best-in-class programs should look like. Specific topics for discussion will include identifying critical talent pools, forecasting future workforce needs, understanding demographics and their implications on the sourcing talent, as well as creating and maintaining a workforce planning function within the organization.

Brian J. KellyPartner, Human Capital Metrics & Analytics Solutions – USA, Mercer

Cristina OyagaSenior Associate, Human Capital – Mexico, Mercer

Effective Organization Design: The Importance of Metrics to Drive Performance

As a leader, you can actively shape your organization to meet the demands of the market and your growth plans, or to innovate. The design and redesign of your organization is probably one of the most important roles you have and one of the most exciting projects to manage. Solid organizational design requires alignment of strategy, processes, and people. At Mercer we also leverage metrics to provide tangible references that support — and sometimes drive —organizational design.

This session will explore, with practical examples, the key components of organizational design, some of the most commonly used design metrics, and how metrics can provide insight for an effective design of your organization.

Marcio PradoLeader, Information Product Solutions − Brazil, Mercer

Osni DinizPartner at Oliver Wyman

2014 Compensation and Benefits Trends in Latin America: How to Use Data to Make the Employee Value Proposition More Meaningful

As in previous years, this session presents a detailed overview of the compensation and benefit trends in Latin America, as identified by the Mercer’s Total Remuneration Survey, focusing specifically on what’s behind the numbers. By correlating information and indicators from different countries and contrasting the region’s results with trends identified by Mercer’s global surveys, delegates will have an updated overview of key current compensation and benefit issues and trends across Latin America.

Andrés VillalpandoLeader, Information Products – Latin America, Mercer

Ana Paula HenriquesPrincipal, Talent – Brazil, Mercer

Inside Latin American CEOs' Minds: How Human Capital Can Drive Business Performance

Since 1999, The Conference Board has asked CEOs, presidents, and chairmen across the globe to identify their most critical challenges for the coming year, to produce an incredibly compelling report that influences the market every year. For the 2014 edition, Marsh & McLennan Companies joined The Conference Board to enable the participation of Latin American Leaders in the CEO Challenge Survey.

In this session, Mercer and The Conference Board experts will present a detailed overview of the CEO Challenge Survey® 2014 results and compare the region’s findings to challenges identified globally. Whether it is human capital, operational excellence, innovation, customer relationships or risk, CEOs will have to deliver through their people. Do not miss this conversation about the challenges that CEOs in Latin America and around the world have identified for 2014 and the set of strategies that will need to be implemented to compete harder and ensure operational excellence.

Daniel NadbornyPartner, M&A Consulting and Argentina Country Leader – Argentina, Mercer

Rebecca RayExecutive Vice President, Knowledge Organization and Human Capital Practice Lead

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