A New Era of Productivity:

Revolutionize your Business to Succeed in the Digital Economy

Miami, 9–11 May 2018

An Overview

Productivity has become one of the key concerns for businesses. Top talent has numerous employment options, and employee retention and engagement is key to growth. So, beyond employee experience, the big topic in business today is productivity.

We’re working in agile, team-centric organizations, and we’re overwhelmed, with too much to do. We’re dealing with email, messaging apps, communication tools and many different systems. The problems of employee engagement and productivity continue to grow, and the challenge isn’t getting any easier. Global productivity isn’t increasing enough, even as employees are working more hours.

Can we build an organization that truly improves productivity and helps teams work better together? That’s the next challenge.

Join the conversation at Mercer’s 2018 Latin America Forum, where business leaders from all over the region come together to discuss the innovative ways in which people are communicating and collaborating. We’ll share experiences, best practices and intellectual capital on how to revolutionize your business to succeed in the Digital Economy.

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