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Wednesday 4 March, 2020

15:30–16:30Asset Manager Briefing Registration

16:30–18:55Asset Manager Briefing

19:00–21:00Welcome Reception & Buffet Dinner

Thursday 5 March, 2020


08:45–08:55Welcome and Opening

Chee Loong ChongWealth Business Leader, Singapore

08:55–09:15It's a Matter of Time: Themes and Opportunities for 2020 and Beyond

Deb ClarkeGlobal Head of Investment Research


Simon CoxeterDirector of Strategic Research, Growth Markets

09:20–09:35Don’t Give Up on Diversification

After a decade-long bull market for equities and bonds, some investors are challenging the merits of diversification. Higher fees and governance requirements for investors in private markets and diversifying alternatives are hard to justify when those asset classes have generally not improved on a simple 60% equities/40% bonds alternative. However, the last decade has been unusually good for markets, a fortune that could easily turn in the current late-cycle environment, with valuations for all asset classes looking stretched. We believe now is not the time to give up on diversification. Instead, it remains as important as ever, and you should ensure you have built genuine diversification into your portfolio.

Garry HawkerGlobal Leader, Sovereign Funds

09:35–09:45Eyes on China: What Will a Trade War Mean for This Region?

After a long period of globalisation, geopolitical shifts ― most notably between China and the United States ― are driving reorganisation of global trade toward a more divided model. Globalisation is under threat, and some of the strategic forces at play may persist for decades. Alongside trade wars, technology and capital wars could escalate. Beyond the near-term noise, investors will grapple with the investment implications for years to come. Are your portfolios well-positioned to weather the uncertainty?

Chin Yee KohSenior Investment Consultant

09:45–10:25A Timely Debate: Is Modern Monetary Theory the Solution?

Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is a minority school of economic thought that argues governments don’t need to finance spending through taxes or borrowing, that at least to some degree “deficits don’t matter” and that the theory provides an alternative approach to economic management.

Critics of MMT argue that it is potentially a dangerous illusion that could result in unnecessary government interference in the private economy, an end to central bank independence and potentially inflationary economic collapse.

In this session, we debate whether MMT provides an authentic alternative to traditional approaches to monetary and fiscal policy and the implications for your portfolios.

Cameron SystermansSenior Portfolio Manager

Ben AbellDirector of Analytics Research & Tools, Growth Markets

10:25–10:35Gold: You're Indestructible

Our undying fascination with this lustrous yellow metal has persisted through generations, lugging with it hopes, frustrations and wonderment. Over time though, this mythical commodity has transcended folklore; initially serving as the currency standard and now reborn as an admirable monetary and conflict hedge, a safe haven. Over the long term, there may be alternatives to gold, but with unique hedging properties over shorter periods and a multitude of implementation options, gold has a potential role to play in institutional investors’ opportunistic portfolios. Gold … you’re truly indestructible.

Guhan Yap KannanInvestment Consultant

10:35–11:05Networking and Coffee Break

11:05–11:35Investment Governance Models: Trends and Practical Implications


Adeline TanWealth Business Leader, Hong Kong


Phillip BretnallCEO, HSBC Provident Fund Trustee (Hong Kong) Limited

11:35–12:00Decarbonisation in the "Decade of Delivery"

It is now five years since the 2015 Paris Agreement and the launch of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The UN is labelling this the “decade of delivery”, in which we respond to the science-based warnings and implement “a better and more sustainable future for all”. In this context, the UN Environment Programme’s Emissions Gap Report concluded a 7.6% reduction in carbon emissions is needed every year to 2030. But how should investors address transition risk and deliver on decarbonisation goals? Will net-zero targets and aligning with the Paris Agreement also align with investment objectives? We begin to answer these questions, outline a range of implementation approaches and connect the risks with the opportunities. We present today’s investable solutions and insights into how the portfolio-wide universe is evolving for the decade ahead.

Jillian ReidSenior Responsible Investment Specialist

Nick WhiteGlobal Strategic Research Director

12:00–12:25Alternatives … Where are the Bright Spots?

While investment bright spots differ by sub-asset class, one common theme drives us: listening to our clients’ unique needs and tactically planning alongside of them to ensure seamless execution. In this virtual panel, we bring to life views from experts across private markets and hedge funds on how they are helping asset owners plan for 2020 and beyond and where they are seeing bright spots.

Charles ChiangAsset Class Specialist, Alternatives

Raelan LambertGlobal Alternatives Leader


A.Take Your First Step on the ESG Journey – Workshop Your Investment Beliefs


Jillian ReidSenior Responsible Investment Specialist


Hooman KavehGlobal Chief Investment Officer, Delegated Solutions

Simon CoxeterDirector of Strategic Research, Growth Markets

Serene TanSenior Investment Consultant

B.Building an Effective and Robust Equity Portfolio

In this breakout session, we discuss Mercer’s principles-based advice on building a robust and sustainable equity portfolio, including looking at the merits of incorporating breadth, if and where to deploy an active/passive approach, how to diversify returns and how to incorporate sustainability. We also take a look at what these principles mean in practice for asset owners with differing sets of objectives and constraints.

Rich DellGlobal Leader, Equity Boutique


Client Speaker to be Announced

C.A Stitch in Time – the Value of Operational Risk Assessment


Igor EvangelijInvestment Operations Consultant


Client Speaker to be Announced


14:15–15:15Keynote Address

Geoff MulganAuthor, Academic and Former CEO of NESTA

15:15–15:45The Science of Leadership: How Organisations Succeed Through Culture

Lewis GarradPeople Science, Employee Experience Solutions, International

15:45–16:15Networking Break

16:15–16:55Fab Four: The Battle for 4% Real Return


Richard TanPortfolio Specialist


1.Time Heals All Wounds: Value Equity

Mark LaidlawAsset Class Specialist, Equity Boutique

2.The Times, They Are A-Changing: Sustainable Equities

Jia Yin LeeInvestment Consultant

3.Don't Fight the Future: In Tech We Trust

Wen Ting GeokAsset Class Specialist, Alternatives

4.Making Time: Asia-focused Hedge Funds

Adrian WorthAsset Class Specialist, Diversifying Alternatives Boutique

16:55–17:15The Time Is Now: Go Forth Boldly and Shape the Future

In this session, we bring together the various themes and topics highlighted over the course of the Forum. In building a bolder, brighter future, we put forward suggestions for how you as investors can build these ideas into your future investment plans — the time to act is now.

Janet LiWealth Business Leader, Asia

17:15–18:30Drinks in Foyer

Draft Agenda. Subject to change.