Mercer Signature Event Series
As a professional, you routinely confront challenges that undoubtedly will influence the future direction and success of your company or institution. Whatever your goal is – be it to align business priorities, improve the bottom line, protect and increase the value of your investment, deepen customer relationships, attract potential employees or engage your existing workforce – Mercer's Signature Events are tailored to provide you with the knowledge you can rely on as you make decisions in the course of performing your mandate.
About the Mercer Signature Event Series

To succeed, you need to:

  • Balance innovation and pragmatism
  • Apply leading-edge investment strategies and solutions
  • Achieve an integrated talent management system
  • Drive change while remaining faithful to the company culture
  • Foster flexibility while remaining rooted in discipline
  • Develop new skills, deepen expertise and ensure exposure to the latest thinking and best practices

To help you meet these challenges, Mercer has created the global Signature Events Series. These specialist events address the human capital, pension and investment management needs and challenges in today's complex business environment. We have tailored events to focus on what is most important for professionals in different roles, at different levels, in different geographic markets and with specific types of expertise.

Mercer's global Signature Events Series is designed to help you:

  • Explore emerging trends and ideas likely to have a profound impact on critical HR and related decisions
  • Obtain road maps to transform cutting-edge ideas into workable, real-world programs and policies
  • Share observations and insights distilled from Mercer's proprietary information and data sources
  • Connect with peers to share experiences and key learnings

We have endeavored to make the topics and themes of the series compelling and relevant. We hope you agree, and we look forward to seeing you and your colleagues at one or more of these events.