Mercer 2015 Asia, Middle East and Africa HR Conference - Singapore, 20-21 October, 2015

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Mercer’s 2015 AMEA HR Conference, hosted in Singapore by Puneet Swani, Mercer’s Information Solutions & Rewards Practice Leader for Asia Middle East and Africa (AMEA), welcomed 72 leading strategic-level HR professionals from the AMEA region to focus on this year’s theme ‘Make Tomorrow, Today: Moving From Data To Insights To Action’.

Why this theme and why now?

The world is going through profound disruptive change that is impacting our lives and workplace. Managing talent across borders, especially with the deluge of complex data, has never been more challenging for HR leaders. Research suggests that more than 70% of HR leaders today are not ready to do so, and that big data represents one of the top three challenges faced by CEOs.

Our conference themes have always linked Human Resource to the immediate or anticipated economic and business context to understand the challenges and opportunities for the society, the countries and organizations within our region, and for all of us as HR professionals.

How do we find solutions for tomorrow, today?

In today’s world, the solutions for tomorrow may not be clear, but the means of finding the right solutions have to be - as our ability to innovate and to have insights about labor markets and our workforces are vital for us all.

The theme ‘Moving From Data To Insights To Action’ ran through the plenary sessions, breakouts and networking discussions, held over the two days. The aim was to stimulate new thinking and ensure participants would leave more informed and confident about the future than when they arrived for the conference.

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Richard Martin

Richard Martin, renowned entrepreneur and analyst, provided strategic insights in his keynote speech, ‘Economic Outlook’. The conference program presented a combination of discussions, workshops, and a series of case studies from client companies such as Coca-Cola, Barclays and Credit Suisse, which provided participants with knowledge of best practices and practical solutions that could be applied in their own organizations.

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